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OSE_1311_part2_Layout 1 11/6/13 9:40 AM Page 117 A Revolution in Tourniquet Cuff Technology no one had tried to construct before. Advanced Precision One-Dial-Operation Design VBM The Highest Quality Cuff Ever Built for Hand Surgery, Burn Unit and OR. ff manually cleaning, reprocessing cuffs is labor-intensive work, but having the right product (35¢/ea) can amend this. up so & Cuff Protector/Sheath also allowing sealing the cuff with adhesive tape without damaging the cuff and preventing fluid accumulation under the cuff (for skin protection). easy clean ft S Cu er disposable Cuff Protector/Sheath provides protection for cuffs and patients at a fraction of cost (only 35¢ each time). Cuff Protector/Sheath • • increased bladder width ( improves cuff efficiency drastically without changing the width of cuff ) for single patient use clean or sterile packed. (35¢ or 85¢ each) • contour, conical shaped ( improves cuff efficiency and prevent cuff from sliding / migrating ) • very soft to the touch, durable hand-crafted • autoclavable, reusable ( up to 273° F, eliminating cross-contamination risk, for infection controls and money savings* ) Silicone made, with soft and easy-clean smooth surface. Capability and Compatibility, VBM Tourniquet Machines and Cuffs Are Compatible with All Tourniquet Systems. * SUPER CUFF AND CUFF PROTECTOR/SHEATH SAVE YOU BIG MONEY Achieve significant savings: using low cost single-use Cuff Protector/Sheath (35¢/ea) on the reusable, autoclavable Super Cuff is an excellent strategy to provide the highest quality service, prevent cross-contamination and save big money (on cuff cleaning/reprocessing cost). Real cost-saving disposable tourniquet cuffs are available now. VBM AUTOMATIC PRECISION TOURNIQUET SYSTEM AND CUFF The reliable and advanced precision One-Dial-Operation design makes the VBM system incredibly easy to operate and maintain. ease of use can reduce errors and boost efficiency dramatically. Roll-On Cuff reusable, autoclavable Blood Exsanguination has never been so fast, smooth and easy in seconds (for upper limbs). choose from~ Reusable Cuffs Autoclavable Cuffs Disposable Cuffs Automatic Precision Tourniquets Especially Designed for Bilateral Surgeries and Bier's Block ( I.V.R.A. ) VBM Medical Inc. call (800) 580-7117 e -mail info@vbm-medical.com visit www.vbm-medical.com VBM Precision Tourniquet Systems are easy to operate and offer tremendous flexibility. The 9000 model powers two tourniquets at one time, is the best for double cuffing procedures (Bier's Block for IV Regional Anesthesia) with its special designated features, excellent for bilateral surgeries as well. Pressures and times of each cuff (or bladder) are individually controlled, monitored and displayed. Check out all 19 VBM Precision Tourniquet Machines and VBM's broad line of Cuffs (autoclavable, reusable, disposable and contour conical shaped) that accommodates existing systems and needs. VBM Automatic Precision Tourniquet Machines and Cuffs are Compatible with All Tourniquet Systems.

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