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patients' entire treatment and recovery phase. It removes the need for prescriptions or pharmacy visits that can incur additional costs, and can be self- administered at home, reducing post-discharge nausea and vomiting. Maximizing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols are perioperative care programs designed to improve outcomes after major surgery. ERAS are quickly becoming the standard of care in hospitals, emphasizing patient satisfaction and efficiency. One of the areas addressed in ERAS protocols is aggressive prevention and treatment of PONV. Early mobilization and discharge after surgery are key components in preventing complications, but persistent unrelieved nausea can derail this progress. To help patients manage nausea after discharge, healthcare facilities are incorporating TIEO into their ERAS protocols to prevent dehydration, delayed return to normal bowel function and readmission for IV hydration and anti-emetic treatment. The Joint Commission's Culture of Safety Medical errors that occur in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are now the third leading cause of death in the US (after heart disease and cancer) which has placed an urgent spotlight on patient safety. In 2018, Joint Commission surveyors will focus on the way patient safety is handled within accredited organizations, which means that organizations will be looking at ways to significantly safeguard patient safety and well-being. The Joint Commission (TJC) defines safety culture as the sum of what an organization is and does in the pursuit of safety, taking into account the values, competencies, and behavior patterns that determine the organization's commitment to quality and safety. Healthcare organizations that use non-drug interventions such as TIEO as a first-line treatment for nausea and anxiety show a clear commitment to safety, decreasing the reliance on medications that could result in side effects, drug interaction or administration errors. Another important facet of patient safety is ensuring nursing competency. Because nurses represent the largest group of healthcare workers in the US, The Joint Commission and the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Program have partnered to focus on nursing competency as a key factor in improving health care quality and patient safety. The ANCC has also partnered with TIEO manufacturer Soothing Scents to create a TIEO training course—with a certificate of competency, valid for 3 years— to teach nurses how to safely use this emerging treatment option. Conclusion While the introduction of natural remedies into the formal healthcare sector is a relatively new development, there is now a sufficient amount of clinical and anecdotal evidence that makes the case that TIEO therapy can offer distinct advantages when it comes to fulfilling the objectives of modern perianesthesia care. For healthcare providers looking for innovative ways to manage perioperative nausea, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease costs, TIEO therapy offers an effective low-risk, high-value alternative to traditional modes of PONV and PDNV treatment. QueaseEASE is the flagship product of Soothing Scents Inc., a US company that provides innovative, natural and evidence-based solutions to improve the quality of patient care. QueaseEASE was first developed in 2004 by nurse anesthetist Wendy Nichols, who began using a blend of essential oils to help distressed patients under her care. Almost fifteen years later, QueaseEASE is used in over 1,500 medical facilities to help nurses effectively manage their patients' nausea and anxiety. Afterword For more information on research, case studies, or products, you can visit the website www.soothing- scents.com/medical, or call (1-888-393-7330) for more information. Sample kits are available for registered nurses and healthcare facilities. Registered RNs can also enroll in a free online TIEO nurse competency program accredited by the ANCC and sponsored by Soothing Scents. *Please visit www.soothing-scents.com/medical to receive full list of citations J U N E 2 0 1 8 • O U T PAT I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T • 7

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