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Page 10 EDITOR'S PAGE Dan O'Connor Career Mobility Our salary survey finds why so many of you are unhappy in your jobs. One of the more surprising findings of our annual salary survey (see "Is the Stress Getting to You?" on page 38) is how many of you admit you're on the prowl for another job — 37.5% of the surgery center administrators and 50.3% of the hospital managers we surveyed say they're on the lookout for other employment opportunities. That's an awful lot of dissatisfied readers with updated resumes and wandering eyes. Another interesting survey finding: It's not (all) about the money. Nothing curls your toes or warms your heart like a raise or a bonus. Only 27% of ASC administrators and 47% of hospital decision-makers feel they're adequately compensated. But the real factor that compels people to leave their jobs in search of greener pastures is that a basic emotional need is going unmet. You don't feel appreciated or recognized for the work that you do. Worse, you feel taken for granted. We heard from plenty of you who feel neglected, like this manager who hasn't had a raise in 3 years. "I feel like I am being taken advantage of," she says. "My job has transitioned from nursing supervisor to office manager and administrator without recognition or a pay raise." "They maintain the attitude that I will just make everything happen for them and I really only hear from them on problems. I'd like to have them show a little more thoughtful gratitude," says another. "We did amazing on our last survey and I didn't even get a thank-you from 2 of the owners," says a third, "much less a raise or bonus." Why is it so hard to give people a simple pat on the back or a small gesture of recognition for a job well done? Appreciation and accolades work wonders for morale, and keeps good people in place. Back that up with salary increases and bonuses, and you've got a happy

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