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OSE_1211_part3_Layout 1 11/8/12 10:56 AM Page 141 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS let in the wall). For sure, electric power makes your job easier — no manual cranking or foot-pedaling to raise a 300-plus-pounder — but who comes up with this stuff? Also, take note: Stretchers usually won't roll over even the thinnest wires. • Inconsiderate colleagues. Don't you just love people who take the last one of something on the supply shelves and leave the empty box, just to let the rest of us know that it's gone? These may be the same people who put broken equipment away (possibly the only time they ever put anything away) for someone else to discover. • Home-laundering scrubs. I don't feel good about wearing scrubs in from outside or washing them myself. Linen services can be hit-ormiss — ever unfold a bedsheet to find an EKG lead stuck to it? — but sometimes you get scrubs with notes from previous occupants: phone numbers, names, miscellaneous digits, random words. If I called those numbers and spoke the words, could I access some offshore bank accounts while I'm waiting for this never-ending case to finish? • Disappearing IV poles. Where do IV poles go to hide? I know they're not being put away, because no one ever puts anything away when they're done using it. I know all my colleagues' secret hoarding places, and they're not there. Is someone taking them home for household use or building materials in a DIY project? • Economizing on personal protective equipment. Cheap exam gloves are the worst. When you don a pair and they split right up the middle of your palm, it makes you wonder how much of the wet stuff you've N O V E M B E R 2012 | O U T PAT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E O N L I N E 1 4 1

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