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STAFF & PATIENT SAFETY S P E C I A L E D I T I O N O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 • O UTPATIENT SURGERY .NET • 1 To Our Readers For surgical facility leaders, the importance of safety — for both patients and staff — cannot be overstated. That's why we dedicated an entire resource to this critical topic. In this issue of Special Edition Staff & Patient Safety, you'll find a true tale of a staff that stepped up in the face of an MH crisis and a blue- print on how to make your ORs smoke-free. You'll also find best practices on electrosurgery safety and proven tips on avoiding retained objects and sharps and pressure injuries. We hope you use the advice and insights on the following pages to protect your staff so they can continue to safely care for their patients. Cover design by Ethan Anderson | Photo by Victoria Wiltshire, MBA, RN o u t p a t i e n t s u r g e r y . n e t 22 4 On Point Safe Spaces Jared Bilski | Managing Editor 6 Smoke-Free Is the Way to Be Lessons learned from our facility's journey to clear the OR air. Ashlea Blevins, BSFC, BSN, RN, CNOR 11 Keys to Site-Marking Success Consistent protocols and a transparent work environment will prevent wrong-site surgeries at your facility. Edward Pollack, MD 14 Close Out Cases With Sharps Safety in Mind Focus on human factors to prevent needlesticks during surgery's critical last step. Barbara DiTullio, DNP, RN, MA, CNOR, NEA-BC 18 High-Tech Sponge Detection This reassuring technology ensures no item is left behind after the surgeon closes the incision. Joe Paone | Senior Associate Editor 22 We Stopped an MH Crisis in Its Tracks Quick thinking and a well-trained staff allowed us to identify and prevent a malignant hyperthermia event in just nine minutes. Carlos A. Ibarra Moreno, MD, PhD, DESA 28 7 Keys to Reducing Pressure Injuries Protect vulnerable areas during surgery to make sure patients leave with their skin intact. Sue Creehan, MSN, RN, CWON 33 When Electrosurgery Becomes Too Hot to Handle Energy-carrying instruments are powerful tools, but awareness remains low about how to prevent catastrophic errors while using them. Joe Paone | Senior Associate Editor 37 Keep Floors Clear and Dry Eliminate tripping and slipping hazards in the OR to keep staff upright and safe. Dan Cook | Editor-in-Chief 41 Ad Index 42 'Goof-Proof' ORs Need Time, Care & Resources Q&A with Robert Wachter, MD, the physician who literally wrote the book on patient safety. O c t o b e r 2 0 2 0 Contents

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