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surgeon, anesthesia provider and scrub tech will be. Bad news: I receive papers telling me what I screwed up in charting 2 weeks ago. That must have been the shift when I had 8 15-minute cases followed by the femoral neck and malleolar fractures on the right leg of that 97- year-old woman. Now the stealing, pillaging and plundering starts for equipment and supplies. I have a sequential machine, arm boards, a harmonic, my favorite tourniquet and 2 double-long-and-wide Ace wraps that I hid yesterday just in case. Oh, crap: I don't have any 1015 drapes. Room 1 is going to need 1 of my 2 Aces. Time to phone a friend. "Hi, Bob, nice shoes you wore in today. Say, listen, do you have an extra 1015 drape?" "Maybe." "Well, I'm looking at the schedule, and I see where you're going to need one of those big Aces that we've been out of for 2 weeks. I'll trade you an Ace for a 1015." "Okay, deal." "Perfect, I'll even meet you halfway down the hall." Quid pro quo. I love it when a plan works out. Do what you gotta do Every day you learn something new in the OR. Turns out I've been prep- ping the operative site for carpal tunnels wrong for 30-plus years. The sur- geon was kind enough to demonstrate for me the proper technique. I did- n't quite know how to thank him for taking the time to set me straight. Today's one of those days when you won't get a break or time to eat lunch. No problem — I hardly miss those 15 minutes I would have wasted getting water and going to the bathroom. But I do need to step away for just a minute to refasten my safety pins. OSM Contact Ms. Watkins at pwatkins12@comcast.net. J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 7 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y. N E T • 1 2 3

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