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thing to keep the alarm from going off and hearing Dr. Dread say "Fix it, fix it, fix it!" Change the units, change the pads, change sights (both thighs and both calves). Remove hair better than a spa wax job. Wash body parts like it's Saturday night in the Ozark Mountains. I'll even use good ol' rubbing alcohol with a 10-minute dry time so oil never again comes to the surface of that section of skin. • Ringing OR phones. My blood pressure rises when someone calling an OR lets the phone ring and ring and ring. If no one answers after 5 rings, hang up. Take it to the bank we're putting our patient above a phone call. If the call is that important, give a message to the surgery's front desk and ask someone to please deliver it. If someone in scrubs is sitting around, maybe they can get up off their buttock-imprinted chair and walk their backside to that room and deliver that important mes- sage. • Fluid suction sound. Ever notice that the sound of a fluid suction device causes you to suck the air out of the room? Yes, you're holding your breath during the whole case and you just didn't know it. Want to know how you know? At the end of the case when you turn the system off and the sucking sound stops, you exhale that breath you've been holding and it feels so good. • Your name on the overhead page. Hearing your name called out over the department to report somewhere triggers a mild panic attack. What have I done now? What wonderful little case are they giving me this time? Seriously: How often have you been called to report somewhere and it was good news? OSM Ms. Watkins can be reached at pwatkins12@comcast.net. J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 7 • O U T PA T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T • 1 6 3

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