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to help turn over the room, the cards note the responsibility of the additional helpers (clean the anesthesia equipment and take dirty linen to the trash room, for example). Ms. Paxton says the 3-card system is especially helpful when transi- tioning from a more involved case to a simpler one, like from a spine procedure to a shoulder arthroscopy, because you have a different bed and equipment require- ments. Those types of turnovers have been cut from around 45 minutes to 25, she says. 3. All hands on deck At the 6-OR St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Madison Heights, Mich., 2 sur- gical support techs are tasked with OR turnover. One cleans the bed area and mops, while the other removes the instru- D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 • O U T PA T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T • 4 9 © 2016 Contec, Inc. Simple. Efficient. Clean. Why Add Microbes to Your Mop Bucket? After that, it's just a magnet for nasties— Hair, lint, fungi, mold, even spores— recirculating through the laundry. Microfiber, while great at grabbing up bioburden from hospital floors or surfaces, is terrible at letting go even when washed. So why take that risk with tonight's OR terminal cleaning? PREMIRA ® Microfiber Pads are revolutionary. New microfiber every time because our products are disposable. Superior bioburden removal and liquid sorbtion every time because PREMIRA products are single use. And white in color because they can be, unlike those fuzzy, graying mops that hide dirt and microbes in your laundry bins. So simplify your cleaning life, EVS and OR Techs! Eliminate logistical headaches, Purchasing Managers! Get cleaner environmental surfaces, Infection Preventionists! And rest easier nursing staff and patients, because the Single Use Revolution is coming. The truth is that microfiber really works best the first time it's used. PREMIRA ® Microfiber Pads • Eliminate Cross-Contamination • Doesn't Neutralize Disinfectants • Consistently Better Cleaning • Optimize Staff Efficiency • Smaller Storage Footprint • Clinically Superior www.contechealthcare.com • 864-503-8333

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