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gray may not care as much, but if you're doing gynecology or gastroenterolo- gy, color matters. Don't take anyone's word for it. Make sure you have a trial, so your physicians can see it for themselves. • Compatibility. Be careful that you don't buy a monitor only to find out that it isn't compatible with the scopes and other video equipment you already have. Some, for example, require different sized cables. Again, a trial is key to making sure you're on top of all the details. • Warranties. Keep in mind that not only are monitors expensive, but they get used hard. Most vendors offer a one-year warranty. But don't be afraid to demand better. Usually I insist on 2 years. Some vendors offer scratch-resis- tance guarantees. That's an attractive option, seeing as things do tend to bang into each other in the OR. • Cleaning. How easy is it going to be to clean? Monitors that have antimicro- bial covering help prevent infection. • Be wary of bundling claims. A lot of companies say you have to buy their monitors or they won't guarantee that their scopes and other devices will pro- vide optimal visualization. But don't take their word for it. If you're just replacing a monitor, often you can do better by shopping around. Again, just make sure it's compatible with your equipment. On the other hand, if you're upgrading a whole suite of equipment, it might make sense to stick with one company. • Input/output signals. Remember to assess the maximum number of visu- als you might want to be viewing on the screen at any one time, and make sure any equipment you consider has enough inputs and outputs to keep up. Typically, we like to view the patient's hemodynamics and surgical images. • Be sure to try it out. If you buy something your users don't like, every- one's going to be unhappy. Sales reps should be more than happy to haul their equipment into the OR, set it up and let your surgical staff actually see what they'll be working with. OSM Ms. Ertel (ertelp@readinghospital.org) is the executive director of the Reading Hospital SurgiCenter at Spring Ridge in Wyomissing, Pa. D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 • O U T PA T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T • 1 1 3

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