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N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 6 • O U T PA T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T • 1 1 5 Cutting Remarks John D. Kelly IV, MD I just returned from another teaching mission to Managua, Nicaragua. This trip was espe- cially gratifying due to the awe- inspiring support I received from my staff and my sales reps when I asked for help procuring implants and instruments, both of which are scarce commodities in Nicaragua. • Nursing staff. When I apprised my nursing staff of my upcoming excursion to a poor country, they showered me with an outpouring of support. No surprise there. All the goodwill forces converged as my esteemed crew diligently searched for unused (but sterile) implants. One nurse, who shall remain nameless, remarked that it was possible for a few implants to "mysteriously fall from the shelf, never to be found again!" Years of accrued Catholic guilt prevented me from out- right stealing, although the Robin Hood impulse to plunder from the rich to give to the poor did at times overtake me. • Sales reps. I solicited donations from 2 trusted shoulder vendors, both of whom have long serviced my ORs. When I asked the first sales rep, he sheepishly replied that he "wasn't sure" if he could spare implants. "I'll have to ask my manager," he said. Not looking good. But several days later, he pleasantly surprised me with several treasured absorbable glenoid anchors, perfect for instability cases. He also left a biceps tenodesis kit in my locker. Off to a good start. Things were about to get better. The Spirit of Giving Is Alive and Well My staff and sales reps rally for my teaching mission to Nicaragua. • BROTHERS IN ARMS Dr. Kelly with the surgeons he trained on a teaching mis- sion to Managua, Nicaragua. John D. Kelly IV, MD

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