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N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 6 • O U T PA T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T • 1 1 THE CUMULUS SYSTEM: WE DON'T ADD TO YOUR COST, WE SHARE IN YOUR SAVINGS The Cumulus System is the only back-end OR inventory reconciliation machine designed to reduce billing errors and provide 100% visibility for day-to-day operations. Cumulus scans pharmaceuticals and surgical mate- rials used in each case and creates a database of who used what on whom. Controlled substances and vials with leftover drug are kept locked inside of the machine and recorded, awaiting pickup by an authorized staffer who can deal with them accordingly. Cumulus has found that anywhere from 3-5% of all drugs yearly go undoc- umented. By addressing this margin of error, hospitals start save signifi- cant amounts of money starting immediately after installation. For more information call (760) 522-4302, visit www.chronicamedica.com, or use the reader service card on p. 6. P r o d u c t & S e r v i c e s S h o w c a s e ESUTURES.COM: THE SURGICAL SUPERSTORE! eSutures.com is an online distributor that special- izes in the liquidation of a wide range of brand name medical and surgical supplies including Ethicon & Covidien suture & endomechanicals as well as Synthes screws, implants & instruments—and much more! Since our inception in 2000, we have been proudly serving the medical community for 16 years and specialize in selling brand name surgical sup- plies at discounted prices—in quantities YOU decide. eSutures.com knows that efficient inventory man- agement is the key to your facility's success. From sutures to endomechanicals, to implants and instru- ments, we have over 1 million items in stock and are ready to fulfill your just-in-time ordering needs! For more information call (888) 416-2409, visit www.esutures.com or use the reader service card on p. 6. NON-INVASIVE, NON-OPIOID, SUBLINGUAL CONSCIOUS SEDATION Patent pending IV Free, opioid free compounded for- mulation, MKO Melt™, Midazolam, Ketamine HCl, and Ondansetron (3/25/2) mg* is a non-invasive, non-opi- oid, conscious sedation sublingual. The MKO Melt is administered under the tongue and typically dissolves within 2-5 minutes. IV Free cataract surgery may reduce the number of IVs needed for anesthetic (some patients still may require an IV). It provides consistent predictable dosing, and the cost is $25 per dose. The formulation was developed by ophthalmologists and pharmacists for your patients as an alternative option to IV anesthetic. For more information call (844) 446-6979, visit www.IVFree.com or use the reader service card on p. 6. *Compounded by a pharmacist pursuant to a prescription to meet the needs of individual patients. May be customized.

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