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An anesthesia group is on the hook for a mul- timillion-dollar verdict after one of its anesthesiologists failed to respond in time to a hernia repair patient who bled out in PACU. osmag.net/gBN8Vu Maggots? A lawsuit claims that a woman who underwent a lung procedure and was recov- ering in a Florida hospital's ICU was infested with maggots at the time of her death. osmag.net/V4mRMo When an infection preventionist at UC Health in Cincinnati pushed for hospital officials to report a suspected bronchoscope outbreak that sickened hundreds of patients, she was forced out of her job, she claims. osmag.net/WK8Wcz AmSurg, a management group that oversees more than 250 ambulatory surgery centers, is merging with Envision Healthcare to create one of the largest physician staffing compa- nies in the country. osmag.net/6HMGvy A Pennsylvania surgery center is offering 13,000 patients free credit monitoring for a year after it discovered that hackers installed ransomware on its computer network. osmag.net/tM5UcA A jury must decide whether a surgeon who injected a non-FDA-approved bone cement into a patient's spine is liable for her death, along with the cement's manufacturer, which allegedly pushed physicians to use the product. osmag.net/Hw6fSB Researchers say that pregabalin, often used in multimodal pain management reg- imens, may be associated with an increased risk of major birth defects during pregnancy. osmag.net/ZEJz9a An anesthesia tech accused of molest- ing 4 male patients, including a minor, at a California hospital last year will spend 1 year in jail. osmag.net/3kUsJZ FDA approved the first implant for reshaping the cornea, the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay, to improve the near vision of select presbyopes who've yet to undergo cataract surgery and would rather not wear glasses. osmag.net/saMRK3 Surgical centers (1.2%) and HOPDs (1.6%) would receive modest rate hikes under CMS's proposed payment system for 2017. osmag.net/TC4Frk Top 10 viewed features on outpatientsurgery.net IN CASE YOU MISSED IT … Create and customize your free web and e-newsletter preferences at outpatientsurgery.net/user/create. You'll be first to know when Outpatient Surgery posts breaking news, polls, discussion boards and other online exclusives.

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