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A U G U S T 2 0 1 6 O U T P A T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T 4 1 in the middle of procedures, and tools jam or lock when they should cut and bore. When that time comes, consider the following factors to ensure your surgeons work with equipment that delivers consis- tent power where it's needed most. 1 Performance and feel If orthopedic surgeons were to quantify the tactile "feel" of a power tool's operations into measurable physical conditions, it's likely they'd mention speed and torque. In this context, a tool's speed is the number of revolutions a drill bit makes or the number of cycles a saw blade completes in a specified amount of time. Torque is the amount of force that the tool's working implement exerts. These 2 factors determine how quickly and effi- ciently a tool can place an implant screw or cut through bone, and different procedures require a dif- ferent balance of the two. Large, dense bones such as the femur are most effectively handled at low speed and with high torque. Conversely, small bone surgeries such as hand and wrist cases demand low torque, but high speed. Equipment that's easy to set up can save you a lot of time, and easily adjustable or even pre-programmed settings can let surgeons rapidly adapt a tool to suit the procedure at hand. There's more than one way a power tool can do the work for you. Many of the latest models have been designed with ergonomics in mind: lightweight, Tools? • HOLE TRUTH To an orthopedic surgeon, a properly working power tool feels like an extension of the hand.

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