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More than 500 surgical facility leaders from across the nation responded to this year's salary survey, and one thing is clear: You might not be making more, but you're doing more than ever before. osmag.net/Kj5SQj Christopher Robert, MD, the anesthesiologist whose body was found alongside a Minneapolis freeway, fell to his death on his walk home from a workplace Christmas party, say authorities, who ruled his death an accident with alcohol playing a role. Toxicology reports showed acute alcohol intoxication. osmag.net/4ZPqFr A Japanese hospital says it mistakenly removed the breast of a woman in her 30s after her tissue samples were confused with those from another patient. osmag.net/FwWY8f Staffers aren't responsible for patient injuries caused by poor positioning if they're working under the orders of an inde- pendent physician, according to a recent court decision. osmag.net/XcFo5M A Kansas hospital could have faced a major lawsuit after it assigned only 1 nursing assis- tant to transfer an at-risk knee replacement patient, who later fell and hurt herself in the parking lot. osmag.net/HTb7vF Check out the video of a urologist and his patient performing the "Tennessee Waltz" before surgery. osmag.net/tX2eXX The FDA recalled Brainlab's Cranial Image-Guided Surgery System due to potential inaccuracies in its display that could lead to patient injury or death. osmag.net/XXh4aC A Nevada obstetrician is claiming that a hospital where he'd practiced for years was out to get him when it revoked his privileges, though hospital officials insist the cause was his bad attitude. osmag.net/rXAD6u A new study finds that the music surgical teams listen to during procedures can impact their overall performance in the OR. osmag.net/sh4NGY A lack of action by manufacturers, the FDA and hospitals allowed duodenoscope-related patient infections to spread worldwide, according to an investigation by the U.S. Senate. Top 10 viewed features on outpatientsurgery.net IN CASE YOU MISSED IT … Sign up for our e-mail alerts and manage your subscription preferences at outpatientsurgery.net/news/in-case-you-missed-it.php. You'll be first to know when we post breaking news, weekly updates, reader polls, discussion boards and other online exclusives.

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