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Manager's Guide to Surgery's Ambulatory Anesthesia - July 2015

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J U LY 2 0 1 5 O U T P A T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T 3 7 Safe to say, however, that whether patients are hypothermic intraoperatively or both intra- and post-operatively, neither is more likely to promote a more favorable outcome. Awareness needed Despite a plethora of studies and reams of literature, not enough surgical pro- fessionals are getting the whole warming message, says Ms. Burns. "It's about educating not only the nursing staff, but also the surgeons. They have very little to do with the post-op time or the prep of the patient," she says. "But if they knew the data that show why pre-op warming is important, they would want that for all their patients and it would be a simple fix. They'd say: All of my patients who are having abdominal surgery get this. Or all of my total knees." So surgeon buy-in is key, she says. But they're not always available for educa- tional sessions. "How about adding something about patient warming in their medical staff newsletter? How about including them in an in-service? It doesn't take long," she says. "Fifteen minutes of training a couple of times a year is not a lot, and it's all you need. That should spark the buy-in." And that spark could light the fire that will keep patients warm. OSM E-mail jburger@outpatientsurgery.net. EC1730BL combination warmer ivNow-1 IV fluid warmer DC400L fluid warmer E n t h e r m i c s M e d i c a l S y s t e m s ISO 13485:2003 Certified | 1-800-862-9276 | www.enthermics.com Improve processes: • Efficiently warm patients from admission to discharge • Warm fluids in a cabinet and keep them warm at the point of use with the space-saving ivNow warmer ivNow increases regulatory compliance: • Display actual temperature of every bag • Records the shelf life of every bag ivNow saves money: • Reduce disposable costs while warming 20-140 liters of fluid over 12 hours Increase reimbursements: • Reduce SSIs and time spent in the PACU • Improve patient satisfaction surveys & clinical outcomes Streamline Patient Warming f r o m a d m i s s i o n t o d i s c h a r g e Warm fluids and blankets in bulk, then keep the fluids warm right in the OR with ivNow ®

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