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OSE_1308_part3_Layout 1 8/8/13 11:10 AM Page 130 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Title Byline Step Right Up Why surgery is the greatest show on earth. L adies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to surgery, the greatest show on earth. Every facility is its own 3-ring circus. Just inside the big top, you'll find the carnival barker who runs the schedule board. Sometimes it takes more than one to keep track of all the attractions. Other times it's hard to understand why there are 6 people sitting at the desk to manage the day's sparse goings-on and telling us where to step right up, step right up. See the pre-op and PACU nurses who line up the anxious patients going in and the groggy patients coming out, marching one after the next like a parade of elephants. The trainers crack their whips and they are dancing without hesitation. A colossal sight every time. Our fearless scrub techs constantly walk a tightrope as they seek to keep the surgeon happy and keep a case going without so much as a minor snafu. Balanced on a whim, anticipating the next request, stopping suddenly and changing directions at the circulator's command. The circulator, meanwhile, is deftly, dexterously keeping all the plates spinning as phones are ringing, pagers are going off, the surgeon is making demands, the anesthesia provider is asking for assistance and the med student is contaminating himself every time she turns her back. Thrill to the sight of the knife-throwing surgeons (who always hit their mark) and the sword-swallowing endoscopy patients (I sure hope they got enough sedation). You'll be enthralled by the skillful moves of the 1 3 0 O U T PAT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E O N L I N E | A U G U S T 2013

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