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OSE_1303_part1_Layout 1 2/7/13 4:08 PM Page 13 The brand behind the brands you trust. rion® Bard-Parker eClean™ Oxboro™ Allan™ Dr. Fog® SafeClean teSite Plus™ Richard-Allan™ n® WriteSite Plus™ Richa Allan erion® Colby™ WriteSite® WriteS te Plus™ R ro™ Bard-Parker® Sterion® C y™ WriteSite® SafeClean™ Oxboro™ Bard-P rker® Sterion® Colby™ llan™ Dr. Fog® SafeClean xboro™ Bard-Parker® ™ Dr. Fog® ErgoSupport™ e® WriteSite Plus™ Richar chard-Allan™ Dr. Fog® Colby™ WriteSite® Write arker® Sterion® Colb iteSite Plus™ Richard-A ™ goSupport™ WriteSit Oxboro™ Bard-Pa g® SafeClean™ Oxbo ion® Colby™ WriteS g® ErgoSupport™ Saf Bard-Parker® Sterion eC Bard-Parker® St ite Plus™ Richard-Allan e® WriteSite Plus™ Richard Allan™ Dr. Fog® SafeClean™ O Colby™ SafeClean™ WriteSite Plus™ Richard-Allan™ Dr r® Sterion® Colby™ WriteSite® WriteSite Plus™ Richa ro™ Bard-Parker® Sterion® Colby™ WriteSit SafeClean™ Oxboro™ ErgoSupport™ Sterion ™ Dr. Fog® SafeClean™ Oxboro™ B ™ Richard-Allan™ Dr Fog WHEN IT COMES TO O.R. SAFETY, YOU KNOW WHO TO TRUST. Safety isn't just a matter of compliance, it's a matter of trust. At Aspen Surgical, we produce many products to safeguard your patients, doctors, nurses, and housekeeping staff. To see all of our innovative safety products, from WriteSite® Skin Markers to Bard-Parker® Safety Scalpels to Colby™ Fluid Management products, visit aspensurgical.com. Rev 2 ©2013 Aspen Surgical Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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