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ties within the Cone Health system to educate other surgical teams about the hazards of surgical smoke, and the importance of evacuating it. While many facilities working to implement smoke evacuation have received some pushback from surgeons, this has largely not been the case at Cone Health. "That's because of the culture we have with the physicians," says Ms. Hatchett. "We're comfortable talking to them and having those crucial conversations." In fact, one of the program's biggest critics turned out to become one of its biggest supporters. An ENT surgeon who was tired of trialing new products was hesitant about the program at first. Ms. Turner had to essentially force him to read the data she had collected that backed the benefits of smoke evacuation. Now that ENT surgeon uses smoke evacuators every time he operates. Before getting started on implementing a smoke evacuation program, Ms. Turner heard about efforts to pass legislation in North Carolina that would ensure smoke evacuators are used during plume- producing cases. Though her state does not yet have official regulations for smoke evacuation in place, Mebane Surgery Center established a pro- gram on its own terms — and Ms. Turner advises other facilities to do the same. Referencing smoke evacuation legislation passed in Rhode Island and Colorado, she points out facilities probably don't have a lot of time to put a program in place before they're required to do so. "It's going to be managed for you at some point, so get ahead of it," says Ms. Turner. "Pick out the products you want. Make your own path — don't wait for somebody to tell you what to do." Ms. Turner has expanded her smoke evacuation program to facilities throughout the Cone Health system, and her goal is to make smoke evacuation the norm in every one of them. Her efforts prove that change really can start with one person. Now's the time to get started on setting your facili- ty up for a smoke-free future. OSM Remora ® w i t h B r e a t h e E a s y Smoke + Fluid Removal. Universal Compatibility. No Capital Equipment Remora ® Webpage Physician's Testimonial © 2020 Applied Medical Technology, Inc. Patents: http://www.AppliedMedical.net/Patents/ | Trademarks: http://www.AppliedMedical.net/Trademarks/ For a complete list of products visit us at www.AppliedMedical.net 800 869 7382 | CS@AppliedMedical.net | ICS@AppliedMedical.net 3 4 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 FILLED WITH FACTS A binder packed with irrefutable data helped convince staff and surgeons to use smoke evacuators during plume-producing procedures. MedCenter Mebane Surgery Center

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