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a lot longer. The time factor could be outweighed by the overall effectiveness of the system, howev- er. "It appears that hydrogen peroxide generally has a more effective kill rate," says Ms. Perri. For safety reasons, both UV-C and HPV systems require staff to close and stay out of the room while the devices are in use. However, because hydrogen peroxide is extremely toxic to humans, the HPV safety requirements go a step further. "You have to seal the room off completely, close all HVAC vents and monitor the room to make sure vapor isn't escaping," she says. Complement to manual cleaning Regardless of what type of whole-room disinfection system your facility opts to use, there are considera- tions you need to keep in mind before making a sig- nificant upfront investment. Obviously, cost is a fac- tor. But if the cost is comparable between two ven- dors or even two different systems, you want to assess what vendor reps bring to the table, says Ms. Perri. For instance, before purchasing a UV-C sys- tem ask: How long do the bulbs last? Can you change the bulbs yourself or does a company rep have to travel onsite to do it? You also need some guarantees about the ven- dor's customer service capabilities. After all, any- one can answer questions during business hours, but what happens in an after-hours situation? "If your staff runs into a problem at 8 p.m. on a Wednesday, which is when they'll likely be using these disinfection systems for terminal cleanings, is there someone they can get through to?" asks Ms. Perri. In the end, look at whole-room disinfection tech- nology as a way to complement robust manual cleaning processes. It will never make manual clean- ing obsolete, but it will kill whatever bacteria staff didn't wipe away. That alone should be a compelling reason to invest in the technology. OSM O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y . N E T • 3 3 Patents: US #8,143,596 and #2013-0256560 Multiple Patents (US and foreign) pending Standard Countertop Over 4ft 3 Pass-Through Chamber Custom built to replace your pass-through window. Mini Unit >3,900 cu inches Patents Over 4ft Cu Mini Unit >3,900 cu inches p Pass-Through Chamber t b ilt t l C The 60 second cycle and pa- tented reflective technology provide an intense and equal dosage of UV-C light in every corner of the chamber. D i s i n f e c t i o n C h a m b e r s Kills 99.9% of pathogens like S. aureus, A. baumanni, and C. diff. Used reliably in the healthcare field since 2009. 844-UV-WORKS info@HospitalSafetySolutions.com

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