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tions, according to Dr. Kaul. For example, he says the small-caliber endoscopes can, in many cases, be placed directly into the bile duct through the duode- nal opening for evaluation of the biliary tree. This direct peroral cholangioscopy technique is more effective than indirect peroral cholangioscopy, notes Dr. Kaul. Invaluable instruments The functionality of ultrathin endoscopes has also improved in recent years. Older models were outfitted with a single dial that physicians used to direct the scope's tip in two-way deflection. The latest models have dual-dial, four-way deflection — similar to the controls found on standard colonoscopes and upper gastro- scopes — that facilitate move- ments in tight spaces. Dr. Adler says all major endo- scope manufacturers make ultra- thin upper endoscopes that are highly functional, and notes ultra- thin models should come with all the features of standard flexible scopes. "Ultrathin scopes must be comparable to a standard scope in terms of maneuverability, image quality and image capture," says Dr. Adler. "A scope that lacks any of those features would be disadvantageous to use." The devices are delicate and expensive instruments, and sus- ceptible to the same level and degree of breakdown as all flexi- ble endoscopes, points out Dr. Kaul. "They require constant care and high-level disinfection with the same reprocessing guidelines and processes as standard scopes," he says. Ultimately, Dr. Kaul believes ultrathin endoscopes are important instruments to have in any endoscopy suite. "They help physi- cians perform many different procedures at the very basic level and lead to successful proce- dures that otherwise would have ended in fail- ure," he says. OSM O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y . N E T • 4 3

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