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Dr. Greywoode says he's overwhelmed and appreciative of the attention he's received, but deflects some of the praise by emphasizing that he does the same thing for all of his patients with long hair. Ms. Marshall's emotional response to the kind and thoughtful care he provided makes sense, according to Dr. Greywoode. "In some ways, though, it makes me sad," he says. "Part of the sadness comes from me having had several other patients tell me they were grateful I'm African American, and felt more com- fortable with me. It's unfortu- nate some Black patients don't trust the physicians they see. I wish things were different." Dr. Greywoode is also encouraged by Ms. Marshall's comments because they show him that what he strives to do for his patients on a daily basis comes across as caring and compassionate. "That's what I signed up for when I became a surgeon," he explains. "I'm glad to know my efforts are working." The underrepresentation of African Americans in health care continues to be an issue and contributes to the ongoing mistrust of the nation's health sys- tem that many African Americans harbor, points out Dr. Greywoode. He acknowledges that systemic racism in medicine is a complex and layered prob- lem, but says improving access to higher education for African Americans who want to become physi- cians is an important goal. "This isn't about handouts," he says. "It's about making sure opportunities are available for those who want them." Moving forward, Dr. Greywoode hopes conversa- tions continue about how African Americans can receive quality care from all physicians. He's thought about the role he can play in keeping that dialogue going. "I can be the safe space for my col- leagues who might hesitate to bring up race-related issues," he says. "If there's anything they want to talk about, I'm ready to have those discussions in an open and honest way." "Being Black in America is a different experience — that's the reality," continues Dr. Greywoode. "We need to continue having these conversations and validating the experiences of all patients." OSM S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y . N E T • 1 5 KIND AND CARING Jewel Greywoode, MD, understands the importance of preserving patients' hair.

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