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y Hal Norris, Founder a 1980s. He saw the u then, and still today. environmentally favo Can I pass accreditat and President of ARC Medical, use of a patient filter and mul ARC Medical has worked dilig rable protocol to the USA. tion when using Does Inc. was European Sales Mana ltiple patient use of the circu gently to provide the documen s circuitGuard prevent ager for a large anesthesia cir it was standard of care in all ntation necessary to bring thi Does circuitGuard rcuit company in the European countries s cost effective and reduce Can I pass accreditat circuitGuard? Facilities with proper which can be provide accreditation from al USA. What documentation circuitGuard and mul of the circuit? We provide a sample tion when using documentation, ed, have passed l agencies in the n do I need to use tiple patient use Policy and Does cross circu hydro bi-dir the p the e Does We a that s circuitGuard prevent s-contamination? uitGuard uses 3M Filtrete ophobic filter media that is rectional. circuitGuard protects patient from the equipment an equipment from the patient. s circuitGuard protect against are one of only two companies have specific testing against ely s nd TB? s Does circuitGuard turnover time betw Absolut y, the onl to be changed are and the face mask the hand instead o anesthesia circuit lines. Does circuitGuard storage space nee reduce ween cases? y devices that need the circuitGuard k – can be held in of changing a bulky and CO 2 sample reduce eded? Procedure document personalized for your this is all that has bee inspectors. If addition such as our FDA clear studies, etc. can be p Is it legal to use circu multiple patient use o Yes, use of the circuit multiple patient use o ally y t that can be facility. Gener y, en requested by nal information rance, technical rovided. uitGuard and of the circuit? Guard and of the anesthesia TB. O direc requ two f Rece was was the e effici need patie y ur efficiency is 99.998% in on ction. Cross contamination wou ire the organism to pass throu filters on different patients. ently an undiagnosed TB patien operated on and circuitGuard used to protect the patient an equipment. Because of the TB iency, the equipment did not d to be sterilized nor subseque ents notified of potential expos e uld gh nt d nt sure In a box containing circuits, we can sh circuitGuards. Our space. Shipping us there is an environ Is there an environ to using circuitGua Reducing the amo in our waste is imp circuitGuard reduc g 30 anesthesia hip 800 box takes up less ses fossil fuels so nmental benefit also. nmental benefit ard? ount of plastics portant. Using ces the number of multiple patient use o circuit is covered und of Medicine exemptio U.S.C. § 396). The POM meet 4 criteria and ci meets all these criter Is circuitGuard cleare The FDA 510(k) numbe circuitGuard's FDA cle protect patients and of the anesthesia der the Practice on for the FDA (21 M exemption must ircuitGuard use ria. ed by the FDA? er is K090738. earance is to equipment from patie Is us less syste Of co be do than anes costs are le ents notified of potential expos e of the circuitGuard expensive than our current em? ourse, otherwise, we would not oing this. We are generally less 50% of the current cost of an sthesia circuit and associated s involved. Acquisition cost ess and waste expenses are sure. t s circuitGuard reduc circuits used per O 80% and significa volume of waste g Reduced shipping environmental stre fuels are needed. ed daily ces the number of OR per day by up to ntly impacts the generat y. costs reduces ess as fewer fossil p p contamination. q p p significantly less. VM: (800) 950-2720 Ex Email: arcinfo@arcmed Web: tinyurl.com/jj55c xt 272 dical.com ccv tin ec t o Pr eat e ng Every Br ™ th

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