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with my time, knowing I have to capitalize on those precious few min- utes of uninterrupt ... "Daddy, look at me!" Hold on, that's my daughter. She's leaning her head against the back of the couch and pointing to a Rold Gold perched between her eyes. "I can balance a pretzel on my nose!" Who knew? "My girl! That's amazing!" Now where was I? Surgical care is built on human connection. You work shoulder to shoulder in close-knit teams to deliver patient-centered care. Surgery can't be Skyped or Zoomed or Teamed. That's not the case in many other professions, whose workers have been forced to find out what's possible in the digital realm. I'm a recent convert to the benefits of working remotely, which I've been doing for three months. It now seems impractical to scramble out the door to fight rush hour traffic for 40 minutes just to flip open my laptop in an office. I've crossed over from feeling out of place working in my house to forgetting what it was like to drive back and forth to a workspace that's starting to feel obsolete. Working from home is hard, but so is the grind of commuting to an office every day. Work is work and results are results, regardless of where they happen. During virtual editorial team meetings interrupted by home life, we see each other as people instead of peers. We've forged a bond while working together during this historic time and have a shared experience that will never be forgotten. Maintaining a social dis- tance has actually made me feel closer to my team. They're who I miss. Editor's Page EP 1 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • J U N E 2 0 2 0

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