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what staff may have experienced during the outbreak response. A nurse who showed no signs of stress or PTSD for months could be onboarding a patient when, unexpectedly, something reminds her of an experience treating COVID-19 patients that spark intrusive thoughts and flashbacks with- out warning. If this happens, take that staff member aside and ask if you can help. Recognize what's happening, avoid retraumatizing the staff member and determine what they need to feel safe again. 4. Be a therapeutic listener If staff members feel comfortable talking about their feelings, let them express themselves with as little interruption as possible. Maintain gentle eye contact, follow social cues and pay close attention to body language (yours and theirs). If you have a close enough relationship, perhaps you can gently touch the person's arm as a gesture of comfort. You may also want to summarize what the person just said to show that you're listening closely and, if the situation warrants it, provide context. For instance, if the person is blaming themselves for the way they're handling the impact of caring for coronavirus patients, tell them their training didn't provide them with the skills they needed. Reassure them that their reaction is appropriate and anyone in their position would likely respond the same way. 5. Offer security and control Give staff control of the decision-making process whenever possible. It may seem like a minor thing, but simply asking someone who's struggling for their thoughts on what would be most helpful for them J U N E 2 0 2 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y . N E T • 2 5 Create a safe psychological space for all returning workers.

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