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OSM560-April_DIGITAL_Layout 1 4/5/13 2:27 PM Page 23 verifications, drug testing and more can do the heavy lifting for you (see "Vendor Credentialing Services"). Some reps are required by their companies to undergo such credentialing at no charge to your facility. 2 Get loaners on time. Preview your case schedule and plan ahead to ensure reps have enough notice and time to get all loaner equipment and implants to your facility the day before they're needed in surgery, so your staff has TEAM PLAYERS Sales reps can explain how complex instrumentation works. enough time to reprocess them properly. What about reps who continually test your 24-hour poli- RELATIONSHIP ADVICE Staff-Rep Rules to Work By You should: • Communicate clear-cut guidelines of what reps can and cannot do. • Never let reps touch patients or take part in procedures in any way. • Ensure reps don't bring in unapproved equipment. • Clearly establish where reps are allowed to go, and where they're not. • Review equipment training conducted by reps, and hold staff accountable for what they learn. • Educate staff on the policy of what gifts they can accept from vendors. cy? Some facilities Sales reps should: • Know your facility's rules and never abuse its privileges. • Always follow core competencies. • Understand your staff, surgeons and the procedures you host. • Always be on time. • Always be prepared for the cases they're involved in. • Educate your staff on the ethics of their financial relationships with your center. — Lisa Moschkau, RN, BSN, MASL in my area have decided to fine them $100 whenever equipment's delivered on the day of surgery. If a rep truly does all he can to A P R I L 2 013 | O U T PAT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E | 2 3

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