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With the healthcare industry facing a dire nursing shortage and facil- ities everywhere struggling to keep the quality nurses they have and attract new nurses to a career in the OR, building lasting bonds with top talent is imperative. Your facility's ability to survive and thrive depends on preventing staff turnover. Luckily, despite what scores of business relationship experts want you to believe, hanging on to your high performers isn't all that difficult — as long as you remain com- mitted to nurturing your workplace relationships. Put yourself out there As a leader, the best way to ensure your staff is happy and sat- isfied is by simply asking them. Keeping the lines of communication open and constantly touching base with members of your team to find out what they do and don't like about their jobs is key. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable telling their managers what they really think. One alternative: Put a comment box in the hallway on a quarterly basis and encourage staff to voice their comments, concerns, and grievances anonymously. Talk about your problems You'll be surprised at what happens when everyone speaks openly about their likes and dislikes. I worked with a director of nurs- ing at a surgery center who felt like her entire staff was going behind her back about challenges they faced. She brought her concerns to her administrator, who denied knowing anything was amiss. The cycle continued, but the director knew something wasn't adding up. To resolve the problem, she held a meeting and asked her staff directly about the issue. Turns out, she wasn't overreacting. Her team was avoiding her because the administrator had said, "If you have a problem for the 2 1 Staffing S 2 8 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • M A R C H 2 0 2 0

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