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tion of the fragmented lens. Retentive viscoelastic solutions can help maintain space in the anterior chamber, so surgeons can more easily maneuver instru- ments. You can also place visco behind a loos- ened lens nucleus to maintain a safe barrier between it and the wall of the anterior cham- ber. "If a posterior capsular tear does occur, placing viscoelastic over the tear before you remove the phaco tip or I/A handpiece from the eye prevents [the tear] from becoming larger and limits vitreous loss," says Dr. Whitman. 2. Cutting cataracts Dr. Whitman is more aware of the risk of a posterior capsular tear occurring when he operates on patients with floppy iris syn- drome, previous eye trauma or phacodonesis, which is seen in patients with pseudoexfolia- tion and weakens the zonular fibers that sta- bilize the posterior capsule. He says using a femtosecond laser to frag- ment dense cataracts lowers the risk of cap- sular rupture during cataract extraction by limiting the stretching of zonular fibers attached to the capsular bag and lessening the amount of force applied to the bag. It also means you can remove lens fragments with minimal phaco energy (tears are more 9 2 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • M A Y 2 0 1 9 9 Orchard, Suite 111 Lake Forest, CA 92630 www.optisurgical.com info@optisurgical.com Call AOI for Information 800.576.1266 or 949.580.1266 Instrument Rinse System ® • For rinsing lumened instruments and tubing • Provides consistent rinsing pressure and volume regardless of the operator • Eliminates hand fatigue caused by repetitive syringe use • Frees up your hands to perform other tasks, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of your reprocessing department Still rinsing with a syringe? Use the New for , Waterproof Cycle& Stop Switches!

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