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Whole-Room Disinfection Systems Your options for attacking bacteria that survive manual cleaning. W hole-room disinfection systems don't replace the need to carefully wipe down high-touch areas or mop OR floors, but they do attack bacteria on surfaces that even the most diligent member of your turnover team might have missed. "It's not a magic bullet," says Jim Davis, MSN, CIC, a senior infection specialist at ECRI Institute, a healthcare research organization in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. "It's an environmental control that should aug- ment good manual cleaning and disinfection." Your options in whole-room disinfection include: • Ultraviolet light breaches the cell walls of viruses, bacteria and spores to deactivate their DNA and kill them in the air and on sur- faces. Two types of devices use UV-C for germicidal irradiation: con- tinuous light systems with 1- to 2-hour cycles and xenon-based pulsed light systems with 5- to 10-minute cycles. Both require direct illumina- tion to treat targeted surfaces. • Hydrogen peroxide vapor systems deliver a heat-generated odor- less vapor, which uses oxidative processes to kill microorganisms. When the systems are in use, a room's doors, ducts and ventilation ports must be sealed. • Aerosolized hydrogen peroxide is uniformly sprayed with a pres- sure-generated aerosol, which delivers a residue-free mist that is typi- cally made up of 5% to 6% hydrogen peroxide and a very small percent- age of silver. • Ozone gas has been used in conjunction with high-powered air filtra- tion and UV light to rid surfaces and air of microbe colonization. • Cluster ion air purifiers actively seek out pathogens via electro- magnetic charge. On contact, their stored energy is unleashed through 1 0 6 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 Thinking of Buying … Mike Morsch | Associate Editor

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